Why women call their men Daddy

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“Daddy” is an authoritative word affirming the caretaking position, the role of father is head of house, the boss. A lot of women and men enjoy using terms like Daddy, Boss, Big Guy, Master, Sir, for their husband,lover or male partner. It is a clear throwback to the very instinctual nature of primacy: he asserts himself as the alfa, she declares to him by her posture by her words that he is king, that right now he is in complete control of her and that she is submitting, offering no resistance and even glorifying him in that moment as the Superior force.The historical reference is that of the oedipus complex.Even in some african cultures,most women call their husbands daddy The first man that a girl sees is her father traditionally. He is the dominant male who controls her life. Her relationship with him usually shapes how she reacts with men. Some ladies automatically relate their father’s image to their male partner as he is the one who has taken up the previous role of providing and sustaining the faily.
How does this translate to men? If you can get a woman to refer to you as her daddy, then you are as powerful as the first male in her life. Most men need dominance in their life. It’s somewhat a requirement. They like to feel in charge.Some men see it as a sign of flattery and respect in a relationship.
When a woman calls him “Daddy” she is saying in no uncertain terms that he is Master of the situation. Men who like being called Daddy or Sir etc, enjoy it because it buffs their ego without pretention.It bumps his ego and push him over the edge while at the same time,the woman psychologically reaffirms to herself her need to feel his power (virility) her desire to become one with him etc. In some cases,it’s a sexual thing that stimulates arousal,especially if its an older guy and a younger girl,its subconciously like getting aroused to the taboo of father’s having sex with daughters,but then there are women who like to say daddy during sex, may be they secretly want to have sex with their fathers.Some ladies may be calling their men “daddy” simply because they are as old as their fathers.Whatever the reason,a woman should call her partner whatever she believes works for both of them.

Some women call their men daddy everytime,others can only call them daddy in the bedrooms while others feel they can never do so.Share your views whether you can call your man daddy or not and your reasons.

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